Get In Touch

It's easy to get started. Fill out the online enquiry form and I'll get back to you personally within 3 working days for chat. I want to know all about you, your needs and your vision. And if you're not sure what exactly you want, that's ok! I can help you work that out.  We will also discuss possible dates and locations and of course the ugly subject of money. Alternatively, just give me a call directly and if I'm with a client I'll call you right back when I can give you my full attention. 

Once you're happy and ready to roll, we will schedule in your personal pre-shoot styling consultation. Your consultation date is secure upon receipt of the booking deposit. If you are based out of town or unable to meet with me we can proceed with the consultation over the phone or via Skype. I find it is so much nicer being able to see who I'm talking too!

Your Planning Consultation

We get down to the real nitty gritty in your styling consultation! We meet either at my studio or via Skype to talk about good options for clothing, hair and makeup, locations and for the first time you get to see first hand all the display products on offer. It might seem like a lot of information but don't worry - you don't have to remember it all by heart! I will give you a welcome package to take home and peruse at your leisure before your shoot and if you have any questions before the big day you're always welcome to flick me a message or give me a call. 

Portrait Shoot Day!

Portrait shoots take place at my exclusive private Christchurch studio where every client begins their experience with a glass of bubbles and a complimentary makeover from my professional hair and makeup stylist.  You can relax and unwind whilst we make you feel like royalty. Once you are all glammed up, we will choose 3-4 outfits for the shoot using both items that you bring with you and anything you like from my collection of outfits in the studio wardrobe. As we work our way through a few different backdrops, I will guide you through a series of positions and poses working with the light to create the most flattering and beautiful portraits you have every seen of yourself. 

Once your shoot is wrapped up, I will spend the next couple of weeks lovingly retouching and perfecting your images ready for viewing. 

The Big Reveal

2-3 weeks after your photo shoot you will come back into the studio to view the 30+ best images that I've been meticulously preparing just for you. This is MY favourite part of the journey! It gives me so much happiness seeing people experience their collection for the first time - It reminds me of Christmas! 

You'll have all the time you need to go through all the images and choose which ones you want to keep. I'm not a sales woman so there's no hard sell on my part. I simply want you to be happy with your photographs and you are welcome to purchase what you love. 

Displaying Your Portraits

My studio has a collection of stunning products that you are welcome to browse and touch whilst you are making the all important decision on how to showcase your photographs. I will be on hand to offer advice and provide mock ups of how your images will look on the wall or laid out in an album or portfolio. But in the end, the choice is yours. 

All of your products are quality checked by me before being delivered directly to you within 5 weeks of payment being received. 

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